my clients say the

nicest things. 

see what I mean?




"Jen's notes helped improve my manuscript and query letter tremendously. She is a true professional and she knows what agents and editors look for. Jen will highlight what works and suggest improvements in areas that need strengthening. Not only are her thoughts spot on, but she genuinely cares about the people she works with, and she won't let you leave until your manuscript or query letter shines! I'm eternally thankful for the advice and guidance Jen has given to me... and my writing. 


Ronni Arno, author of Ruby Reinvented (Simon & Schuster)



"When Jen returned my manuscript, I could see it again. The issues in pacing, plot and logistics that I failed to notice were suddenly glaringly obvious and fixable. The feedback was invaluable. Jen also helped to polish and re-polish my query, and has been a great sounding board for revisions. If you're looking to make your story as strong as it can be--and it has to be, to fight its way into the world--Jen can help you. She will highlight the good aspects, make them better, and nudge the rest aside. Editor, writer, advocate, Jen is all these things. 


Amanda Fazzio, MG author, since signed for this manuscript with Kaylee Davis at Dee Mura Literary


"I am blown away by the depth and helpfulness of Jen's critique. She raised issues that my co-author and I plus previous readers or editors (also paid!) missed completely. A lot of those "little" things made me smack my head--can't believe we didn't catch them by now. Her in-line comments helped me better understand her summary comments and her notes are so specific--much better than the vague advice we've received before. Feeling renewed excitement to begin revisions!


Gina Smith, Adult Contemporary author



"Imagine my surprise to find an editor online who is also a middle grade writer herself! From the moment I received a reply back, I knew Jen Malone was the right fit. Not only was her skill set apparent (she told me EXACTLY what she was going to do to my manuscript) but her personality is such a sha-zam that you can't help but like her. This is especially beneficial when she hits you with, "Hey, the book is fabuloso, but there's this one part you might wanna . . . " She makes suggestions with such kindness and has such a respect for how difficult it is to put those words on paper that you get exactly what she's saying. I can't say enough wonderful things about Jen. She loves the craft. She lives the craft. She is my go-to girl for editing services! 


Carolyn Carter, MG author of The Prince Charming Starter Kit



"Jen Malone read my novel in record time and delivered thoughtful, smart critique. Her notes were extremely helpful, pointed out issues I hadn't even thought about before or caught in any of my other (many!) prior drafts, and were on point with the vision I had for my novel. Jen was willing to go back-and-forth with me when I struggled with a certain suggestion she had given, which allowed me to expand my thought process and consider alternative changes for my manuscript. She is extremely knowledgeable, funny and sweet -- her smiley faces and green highlighter were my favorites to stumble upon as I went through her notes. Anyone would be lucky to have Jen on their team as an editorial eye.  


Rachel Simon, YA author, represented by Carrie Howland at Donadio & Olson



"After Jen helped with my pitch and my opening chapter, every word was in place and doing its job. When it came to editing the entire manuscript, Jen’s insight was amazing. She immediately pinpointed the problem with pacing, and suggested chapters that could be moved around or edited. Furthermore, she pointed out where there could be stronger resolution for the main character, and gave several suggestions of how this could happen. When my pitch and opening chapter were posted for Pitchwars, I immediately received two requests from top-pick agents! I can’t thank Jen enough for the work she did to help me fine-tune my manuscript ready for publication.


Nicola Call, PB/MG author published with Bloomsbury UK




"After getting insightful feedback from Jen, I knew I had to make major changes to my novel. She gave direct and concise notes regarding my characters, my plot, and my premise. She was able to give me help regarding big picture issues all the way to minor elements, all of which was vitally important to me making my manuscript much, much better. Once I revised based on her suggestions, I sent out a new batch of queries which resulted in many, many full requests and an R&R. I'm currently waiting to hear from an agent who has my full. Regardless if this is the agent I sign with or not, I know that the feedback I received from Jen definitely helped improve my novel and I will be forever grateful. 


April Wall, MG author



"Working with Jen has been an absolute pleasure. She is a genuinely nice person, and treated my manuscript and query as if it were her own baby, investing the time and energy to make them shine before submission. When I first sent my MS to Jen, she was very up front that my particular MG sub-genre (fantasy) was not something she generally reads. But despite that, the critique I got back from her was spot on and made me look at my story in a whole new way. She has a keen eye, and was able to spot problems with world building, character development, and story arc. I am most grateful to Jen for reading 117 versions of my query (that's what it felt like). Each time I sent my query to Jen she patiently made improvement suggestions; a semicolon instead of a comma, replacing a random word with a stronger one, injecting voice into the tone of the letter. Once I made her suggestions, my agent request rate immediately improved.


Ella Schwartz, MG author of Is it Okay to Crack the Code (Bloomsbury) and Is it Okay to Pee in the Ocean (Bloomsbury)




"After Jen's help with my query, I saw a huge jump in requests. This was after a year of query R’s. The next day, I received a full ms request from a top NY agency, within forty minutes of sending my query. I also found immeasurable improvements from her editorial help on my ms. I feel more confident having it pass her scrutinizing eyes, which are tempered with her heartfelt interest in the work.


K.L. Hallam, YA author of The Unmoving Sky (Leap Books)