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Query critique: ($35 for one pass/$55 for three passes)


I majored in advertising copywriting in college and am one of those mythical creatures who

actually enjoys query writing. I have some great client success stories in my pocket and I'd love to add yours!

Synopsis Critique:


Often agents/editors will ask for a synopsis to accompany the pages they are requesting. Having one at the ready will ensure you aren't left scrambling to write one in the midst of your "Woot woot, I got a request" happy dance.

Partial Critique: 


This critique covers the first twenty-five pages of your manuscript and is perfect for the writer who wants fresh eyes on the opening. I can help you determine if your first pages are attention-grabbing, can comment on voice, and will steer you away from cliches in your critically important story beginning.

Full Manuscript Edit: (contact me to discuss and schedule; pricing is below)


In this type of edit, I will read your full manuscript and offer you both an edit letter that includes thoughts on plotting, pacing, character development, conflict, and other "big picture" items and line edits in text. I'm not a copy editor, but I will also include in-text line edits addressing any issues I spot as I read: typos, word repeats, and formatting issues. If you are already in the query process, I will help you evaluate feedback you might be getting from agents or publishers to address problem areas. This type of edit generally takes several weeks and must be scheduled in advance. All full manuscript edits include a complimentary query critique. 


Pricing for full edits: 

Middle Grade: $950 for manuscripts up to 50,000 words, $20 for each additional 1k 

Young Adult: $1300 for manuscripts up to 80,000 words, $22 for each addional 1k

Adult Fiction: $1300 for manuscripts up to 80,000 words, $22 for each additional 1k


**Query critiques are generally returned with comments within 24-48 hours. Synopsis/partials are generally returned with comments within one week. Full manuscript edits typically schedule farther out and are worked around my own writing deadlines and author appearances.